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Friday, June 25, 2010

Wind It Up

Wind It Up Hairstyle:

So after enrolling in Beadsbraidsbeyond contest I couldn't wait to see if I had won! So I ordered Sidewinders, a new,cool hair holder from www.hairholders.com in hot pink! I was a little intimidated but once I figured them out they were so easy! I absolutely love em!

First I parted the hair in the front in a V placed a rubber band at the bottom did a 2 strand twist placed another rubberband at the end with a little hair sticking out let the twist go and fill up the Sidewinder. Then I parted 2 smaller V's on either side same way. Then I did a cornroll on the left and right securing beginning with a rubberband first, then tying a black ribbon around the band. Then did cornrolls incorporating the ribbon like it was a 3rd strand of hair (so really only have 2 pieces of hair with ribbon as 3rd). Cornrolled past ears the turned going down to catch rest of hair and put rubberband on the end. Ribbon should be now hanging down one on each side of the head.

(tried adding pics for each step but not working)

Now I went back up to the top of the head and parted a section. Then parted into 2 sections and took the 1st Sidewinder (longest in set) and laid down in between hair. Then took other two Sidewinders on either side and pulled the ends into the hair section securing with a rubberband. The section laying in bewteen is not secured in this only laying down underneath.

Then I parted 2 little V section on either side of head same as front securing with rubberband adding the smaller Sidewinders one on each side securing ends with a rubberband then parted hair again into another section pulling ends of these new Sidewinders into a 2nd Afro Puff securing with rubber band.

Last section of hair pulled into 3rd Afro Puff including ends of the cornrolled sections and ribbon. This was tricky b/c needed ribbon to do bow! Secured with a rubber band and tied bow on top!

After all that it's such a cute hairstyle that hopefully will tie us over till next week for the 4th of July! Have no idea what I'm going to do for the holiday but I will find something!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

4th of July

I'm in the process of deciding on what nail design I'm going to do this week for the 4th and then for the actual 4th of July! Will definately post pics and tutorial once done! Also trying to decide on hairstyle for my daughter this week. I did once this week in honor of Katelynlyn but it didn't turn out as cute as I thought it was so not taking a pic...LOL her hair isn't as long as Katelynlyn's daughter :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Half Butterfly Nail Design

This is a new nail design I have yet to post on Youtube and Facebook. Please let know what you think!

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