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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jone' Hair Regimen

I have spent tons on money on products for my daughters hair that haven't worked! I finally have a hair regimen full of products that have given her the moisture she needs!

I try to wash her hair once a week but with a bead and braided hairstyle it could be as long as 3 weeks. Feel free to check out tons of hairstyles I do on her on Youtube!

Click on any product name in this post to take you to a website to get more info or even purchase the product! I normally shop at Sally Beauty Supply for hair care products, and Hair Star and Orange Beauty Supply for hair accessories.

I shampoo her hair with PCJ by Luster's Pretty N' Silky Conditioning Shampoo. This product cleanses the hair and removes all buildup and leaves hair soft without drying!

I condition her hair with Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner. This product is cheap and very effective! I usually leave this in for
30 minutes, bathe her and then rinse it out.

I towel dry her hair and apply a generous handful of LIV hairdress all throughout her hair. It is very thick so I put a large amount in my hand, rub my hands together and apply it to her hair. I do this about 3 times because her hair is so thick!

I then spray her hair generously with PCJ Detangling spray. This helps so much in detangling tangles while you comb them out.

I comb out tangles using a wide tooth comb. I purchase thick ones because I can easily break combs in my daughter's hair! After all tangles have been removed I style her hair!

I use a rat tail comb to make parts and comb small sections of hair. Before I do any braid or twist on a section of hair

I apply PCJ New Gro hairdress to keep the hair moisturized throughout the style and on the scalp to prevent dandruff.

Anytime I brush the edges of her hair or small section of hair I use a boar brush. It is not rough on the hair and doesn't hurt if it
scratches the skin.

I don't use rubberbands unless I'm doing beads in a hairstyle, then I use them at the end of braid or twist. Otherwise I don't use them because they break the hair. Instead I use mini scrunchies or ponytail holders.

I'm a big fan of hair elastic bands (even better if they're the kind with no silver connector).

You can also purchase ponytail holders with bobbles on them or other design but too much in a child's hair can be too cluttered.

I love love love hair bows! So I'm always buying at least one huge bow if it's too cute to pass up! You can also try Korkers, which are hair bows but with tight curly q's.

If you choose not to do beads at the end of braids or twists you can use barrettes and just wrap the hair around the flat part of the barrette and then close. This helps them to stay in the hair longer while your child plays but my little one still loses them sometimes but barrettes are cheap!

I hope this is helpful to anyone who child has really thick hair and doesn't seem to hold any moisture! LIV is exceptional because it's so thick and you don't need a lot! The price is steep but it is worth the money! My jar usually last me at least 3 months and I do my daughters' hair every week!

Again if you need any hairstyle ideas check out the rest of this blog and my channel on Youtube.

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