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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweetie Pie Hair Design

This design was inspired by Beadsbraidsbeyond and is soo easy to do wants you get your rhythm! I first washed, deep conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed her hair. I wanted her hair to be long and straight for the two-strand twists!

This was my first attempt at using hair beads and I like them! Beadsbraidsbeyond used different colors but I thought they were so "Easter" so I changed them and used pink and white. The key is to do the beads on wet hair because once Jone's hair started to dry it expanded and made it hard to apply the beads. I used small beads but I will be investing in the next size up because her hair is soo thick!

Products used: LIV haircream, PCJ hairdress, beads, scrunchies, elastic bands, ponytail holders, medium tooth comb.

Minus the prep work it only took 1 hour to complete this look very happy with the results!

Valentine's Heart

This design features red and white hair scrunchies in the shape of a Heart pulled back and secured with 2 medium size hairbows. Very easy to do!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Venice Carnival

A nail design themed around the Venice Carnival, my inspirational pic:

My nail design:

Check out the Tutorial for Venice Carnival!

Tha Blues

Check out this tutorial for a complicated design featuring Heart shaped rhinestones, regualr round rhinestones in clear and blue on two different shades of Blue Polish! View Tha Blues!

Dark Beauty

This is a very quick and easy nail design!

Click here for the TUTORIAL!

African Roots

This is an awesome design featuring Leopard and Zebra print accented by Gold Glitter!

Follow me on Youtube and view the tutorial below!

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